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Artist's Statment

I work in mixed media, in a variety of styles, including realism, abstract expresionism, and surrealism. In traditional media, I prefer acrylics, colored pencil, and graphite. I work in digital photography and photo-manipulation. I also do digital artwork. My design work includes book covers, bookmarks, posters, web banners, and character cards for D&D games. I do mandala style photo collages which are for sale as prints, pillows, or clothing at RedBubble. Current available series are "Skeleton Dance" and "Saladarama". Other products (plates, coasters, cutting boards) are available at Zazzle.

I offer custom portraits as D&D characters or zombie transitions.

Info about my writing is at My blog is at

Recent additions to my portfolio include costuming elements and sculpture, using natural or recycled materials. These non-traditional materials include cardboard, dried flowers/leaves, plastic bottles, styrofoam, etc. More details on my OOAK (one of a kind) crafts are at


2D works
Traditional Media

I have uploaded more samples of my work in traditional media.

Celie, the Cliff Witch
Celie, the Cliff Witch
Pencil on paper
Bunny, the right rabbit
Bunny, the right rabbit
Colored pencil
Rock House by Moonlight, Acrylic
Rock House by Moonlight
Acrylic on canvas
GoghGirl, acrylic
Yellow Mood
Acrylic with poem

Digital Paintings and Sketches
My digital work spans B&W line art, grayscale, cartoon, and realism. See more examples.

Bear with BlueJay feather
Bear with BlueJay feather
digital painting
digital painting
Covered Wagon
Covered wagon
digital painting
Dwarf warrior
Deserem, Dwarf
digital painting

Photography and Photo-manipulation
My digital photography ranges from basic snapshots to photomanipulation. See more examples.
Sedona 7 Sacred Pools
Sedona 7 Pools
digital photo, prints available
Leafy Puddle
Leafy Puddle
Lady Mary in the Park
Lady Mary
Paint on photo
hiding Elepant
Hiding elephant
Dead Pool
Dead Pool
Bean-Carrot star
Bean-Carrot Star
digital collage mandala
Cervical Snowflake
Cervical Snowflake
digital collage mandala
Bean-Carrot star on pillow
Bean-Carrot Star peach
digital collage mandala on pillow

Book Cover Design

In association with Blue Dragon Press I design book covers and related materials such as bookmarks, posters, and banners.

One of a Kind (OOAK) 3D works
More samples of my 3D craft work may be seen on and on Pinterest. Since these are OOAK, contact the artist if you are interested in buying or commissioning a piece.

Natural Materials
Materials include pine cones, daylily stems, dried flowers/leaves, pine needles, sea shells, etc.
beaded natural daylily crown
Forest Queen
daylily stems/beads
White Daylily  crown
Winter Queen
dried stems/beads
Fall Daylily crown
Fall Crown
dried stems/beads
Monarch of the Pines
Monarch of the Pines
pine needles and cones
Monarch of the Pines
Monarch of the Pines
top view

Recycled Plastics
Materials include PET soda bottles, styrofoam egg cartons, floral wire. These flowers may be assembled into fairy crowns or configured as hair ornaments or pins.
recycled soda bottle flower
Blue Star
recycled plastic/wire
Recycled plastic bottle flowers
PET plastic
recycled soda bottle crown
recycled plastic/wire
recycled soda bottle crown
recycled plastic/wire
recycled coffee cup crown
Queen of Caffeine
recycled coffee cups

Upcycled Clothing
Materials include neckties, pantyhose, ribbons, etc. I specialize in creation of Kentucky Derby style fascinators and cosplay crowns.
recycled knee high
Peach Orchid
knee high stocking
Jester Crown
Prince of Ties Crown
Red Rose
Blue Flower Fascinator
Flower Fascinator
knee high stockings

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